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Mail-o and Ro-Bert

A story of a robot mail man chased by robot dog.

Final Comp-

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Boulder Beast_Mudbox Modelling

This is a creature that I created in Maya and Mudbox. I named it as buolderBeast. It is not my original concept I fond the concept art online, cant find the artist who made it but will find them and credit them for their work.
These creatures roam in the dry deserts, they lay idle like rocks during day and are active during night. They are extremely quiet, The have gills like mushroom which helps them absorb moisture and air like a sponge thus eliminating the noise of breathing. Boulder beast are extremely powerful and not to be provoked; they have pads of hard rock like material covering the surface of their bodies it acts as a shield from the burning sun and the also as a shield from predator attacks. Their offspring’s are born like round boulders and lay inactive for months until their neural and mortar functions develop.

However dangerous they seem, Boulder beast are very shy and gentle creatures that do not attack unless provoked.

Modelling was first blocked in Maya, just the basic outline of the whole character, then exported to Mudbox for detailing. It took 2 days to complete the detailing and texturing. This is my first in depth project in mudbox and I am very satisfied with the results. In the process of making more such creature and environments also.

Original concept :

 front perspective side