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App design

APP NAME: Playano


A mp3 player app available in all mobile and PC platforms. As the tag line says “sounds perfect” this app is built to deliver songs that suit the user’s current state of mind. Instead of you thinking/googling on what songs to listen to, this app does it for you. This is an internet bases music player, similar to “spotify”. Here the user can choose specific kind of songs depending upon their mood, facebook has recently launched emoticons where the user can say how they feel or felt while sharing a certain post, in similar manner this app lets you set your mood and plays songs as per your mood selection.
if you are happy set your mood to “HAPPY” “PEPPY” “ENERGETIC” and the app will show you a list of songs which classify in that category. The user can also instantly download songs that they listen to at a click of a button. The app is built to be of less size as possible yet not compromising on the look and feel of the app itself.



The name of the app rhymes with a piano so I chose to design the logo in the form of a piano with a play button in the middle to symbolize that this an app. I also gave the tag line for the app that says “sounds perfect” the core purpose of the app is to select and play songs that reflect the users mood to provide them with the perfect choice of music. The font used in the app is not straight nor rigid, it is wobbly in design I wanted the text to represent a sense of freeness from the rigidity and sharp corners and just loosen up having a very laid back look to the app.



Playano is originally has a whitish grey look with a minimalistic design. The login screen only shows the logo and the login button. Since the app is based on what the users feeling and current state of mind the app changes its overall colour in accordance with the mood of the user. For instance if the mood is set to excited the app changes to a RED colour, if the mood is set to Happy the colour will change to a cyan or yellow to reflect the corresponding mood.

The player screen itself is made in a very simple way; all the usual icons and common functionalities can be found on the main play screen. The image of the album or the poster will be displayed on the main screen (if available) there is also a sound wave animation available on the front of the play screen that bounces with the beats just to add a little more interesting features to the visual appeal of the app. The app is built with a learning module that will learn the user’s current mood depending upon frequent usage of specific songs heard by the use.



The menu option leads the way to in to the additional features such as browsing new artist releases, top charts, and pre-saved favorites list and also an option to create new play lists by the user’s preference.



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Logo design

a conceptual design for a label for a beauty product. fronttopback

Logo design for an online music player app, that allows the listener to hear songs according to their state of mind. The piano is said to have such perfect sound and resonance that any listener is instantly pleased by its sounds, this app designed with such properties in mind and hence the name and the tag line “Playano- sounds perfect”


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Underwater Lighting.

there she sleeps in the dark blue cold
there she sleeps in the dark blue cold

Modelling, Texturing and Lighting in Maya. Comp done in Potoshop.


To make an underwater scene and to light it.


During the course of this project I have discovered a whole lot about how to 

– make achievable goals

– to set reasonable time frames

– to factor in render time

– to factor in the render error correction

– to handle Maya scene files

– to use different size maps for different objects in the scene.

– the importance of depth of field

– the use of post production and composting

– how to understand a scene and split it into its basic components 

– how to construct a scene by sketching it in side view and top view to get a clear concept of the scene.

I wanted to make a video out put of the underwater scene but due to certain errors with the scene rendering was not completed. I could salvage only 85 frames form the batch render. and this itself had consumed a huge chunk of my time, so to balance my work I had to problem solve. I decided to render out a single image render and work on it. I have tried my best to get a video but my maya scene refuses to co operate. I have made a lot of changes to the scene to solve other problems like the empty fore ground. added rocks to the sides to fill the empty space. 

– reduced the ships poly count to a minimum.

– cleaned the history of the entire story twice

– put all the mesh in to layers hid them and tried opening the scene

– Importing the scene into MAYA 2014 and 2015 to see which works.

– I have juggled between MAYA 2014- 2015 to do most of the work for the scene cause it was the only way to complete my weekly goals.

– A major problem was with the Z_depth pass, when i try to apply the pass the whole scene corrupts its self and crashes. all the mess looses its material and only the wire frame shows up with out any material to the mesh. I had to make the depth in comp by adding in shadows overlaying fog and faking reflections.

I worked on 2014 to make the submersible, the foreground, mid and the background and to render them I have used MAYA 2015. regardless of the software or the version I have to my satisfaction managed to make the best of my time and talents and problem solving skills to deliver a good out put.

I have now gathered a clear idea on how to plan, schedule, gather resources, problem solve and to do basic comp. This will help me to work efficiently in my major project.