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Randomizer: using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0


To create a simple interactive application to shuffle fifteen people name randomly. Also to create visual introduction for the people profile with some basic animation.


  • To shuffle fifteen people name list to make an order for the upcoming presentation or to make a new list of arranging people.
  • The shuffle need to be randomize, with no interconnection with the other object in the list.
  • Give some visual introduction for every individual in the shuffle list.

Field Review:

There are more number of ways to shuffle the list objects. I found some missing elements in the other shufflers are,

  • Visual design: Other shufflers application don’t have the visual information about the objects. If that was a person list, except the person name there is no much information about his image and other representation of the person details to pick him quickly.
  • User Interaction: Buttons are the important part in the app. Because the user himself need to select when he want to shuffle the list or when he want to see the shuffling object list.
  • Visual Entertainment: An application need to entertain his audience visually. To show about which information this application going to shuffle.


To create an interaction application for shuffling, the concept is simple. In a single button click the list of objects need to shuffle. To implement this idea maybe there is more number of ways to possible this one I am aware of every idea, with my current knowledge I choose Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0.

Combined Project:

The idea to create the randomizer was not my idea. Sreeram is the one who rise this idea. We planned to do make this concept possible. So we separate our work, the visual and information part [Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop] is up to Sreeram and the Coding and Application creation part is mine [Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0]

There is no need to do this project as a combined, but we just took a try for a time pass. So we like to work together and separate our works.

Story Board:


Why Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0?

With my current knowledge I am not aware of a software to create an application except Adobe Flash. In Adobe Flash I can create an application and make the application to run in web browsers. I can put some basic animation for the application so I choose Adobe Flash.

For the buttons I need to give the operation. This project main part is the shuffle the list of objects by clicking the button. So the coding is must needed for this project. So I used ActionScript 3.0 in this project.

Based on this story board scenes the work was completed.


Adobe Photoshop:

  • Finding references for futuristic holographic displays
  • Sorting the ones that are simple yet appealing
  • Isolating those objects that are of use and creating certain objects that were not available.
  • Creating individual profile for the students with names, codes numbers, and status bars etc.
  • Saving them all in individual layers with alpha channel enables them to be used effectively in comp.


Adobe After Effects:

  • Importing the PSD files in to a new project in After Effects to start the initial comp for the visuals.


  • The lay was to have futuristic elements on one side of the screen that come in to the frame from different directions.


  • The student profiles that were created were brought in and animated to appear like they were put on screen by a new window that opens on the screen.


  • All the elements in the screen were animated to have some movement rather than to be static till the end of the video.
  • 3 different comps were used before a final comp was compiled. Creating such individual comps for the back ground, the holograms and the student profiles gave more control over all the assets.


  • The final video was rendered to a FLASH (FLV) format to be compatible with Adobe Flash application, for the later stages of the project.

Adobe Premiere:

  • Premier was used to do video time adjustments and also add sound effects to the FLV file obtained from the previous process.
  • Sound tracks from different sources were mixed to get an computer robotic noise which was added to the final video.
  • It was again rendered out as a FLV file so as to be used in Adobe Flash.


Adobe Flash:



  • The welcome window is have three parts including the button and two background images.


  • I made the welcome text and shape as the button and gave the ActionScript code for the button. So if you moved your cursor top of the welcome your cursor is change in to the press symbol.
  • After the welcome button got pressed it will move to home window. In this window I made two another buttons for profile and randomize window. Like the previous button I gave the code for both of the buttons. For me it’s like a two pages. So I separate the pages based on the frame count. So I allocate the frames for the video based on the video duration. Then allocate the frames for the randomizer.


  • If the profile button got pressed it need to root to profile video. So I put the video in different frame and make a code for the start the video and end the video using ActionScript 3.0


  • After this video there is a button need to go to the home window. So I made a button and provide operation to go the main window. I added basic animation to the button to appear in the window.


  • After pressing the randomize button its roots you to the main window. So based on the frame value I wrote the code to go main window.
  • If you pressed the randomize button it will open new randomize window. In there I create two new buttons. The button “Hit Me” make you to randomize and shuffle the list of objects. The button “Home” will open the home button.

working slot

  • In this project I worked based on the layer and frame. The frame values in important to write the code in ActionScript 3.0

layer list

ActionScript 3.0:

I used ActionScript 3.0 for to make a shuffle function. I have to solve the given problems using ActionScript 3.0.

  • To shuffle the object I need an array.
  • The shuffle is need to work based on randomize function.
  • Maths function for randomizer to shuffle.
  • Code for give action to the button.
  • Link the button and the randomize function


                I added my code for the randomizer. This code is the important part of this project. For all the other part I used some codes for the buttons and to hold the frame in the particular frame I used a code.

To give life for every buttons I used a code to do an operation and link the operation with some function.